OXAC Wins Inclusive Club of the Year Award

In a recognition of the commitment to inclusivity that is apparent throughout the club, OXAC won the award for the Inclusive Club of the Year at the Boroondara Sports Awards, presented on November 17, 2021.

OXAC welcomes athletes with disabilities and has a partnership with Inclusive Sports Training.  Rather than have them train and compete in isolation they come to our regular training sessions, and we now have up to thirty at one time, as members of OXAC, equal to any other member. They compete alongside our mainstream athletes in state club competitions gaining team points along with our regular athletes. Many are T20 (intellectual impairment) and get the same respect as anyone else, and get extra support and care if needed, including financial support for travel to championships. This has led to successes at state, national and international levels, winning over 30 state championships, and breaking records. One has set world records and won World and Olympic gold para medals in her class. Three women have won the teams half marathon championships at the INAS World Championships in Portugal. In 2019 at the Global Games we had two athletes selected for the Virtus Australian team and one member won a World bronze medal. Two athletes are currently ranked 5th and 6th by time in the world for the women’s 1500m and are aiming to represent Australia at the 2024 Paralympics.

Christopher Worsnop, Carlo Manolitsas, and Liz Gosper accept the award on behalf of OXAC