How Do I Join OXAC?

Old Xaverians team members compete in many races and events throughout the year. However there are two main competitions club members enter annually, and both comps provide a means to join OXAC:

  1. Athletics Victoria (AV): whether for AV’s Summer track competition (Oct – Mar) or the more popular (with OXAC) Winter Cross Country competition (April – Sept), we use the revolutioniseSport platform (adopted by AV), so you can join OXAC and AV at the same time.
    AV memberships run for twelve months from 1st April, and OXAC membership is $55 annually (April 1 – March 31).
    Other, non-competing OXAC membership categories are also available via this method.
  1. Associated Public Schools Old Collegians Amateur Athletic Association (APSOC): popular with many OXAC members is the Winter Cross Country competition hosted by the APSOC. If you wish to run the APSOC competition, you can also join OXAC via their website. APSOC have 2 options:
    APSOC season including full year OXAC membership – use this option if you haven’t joined OXAC via AV registration.
    APSOC season (OXAC membership already paid) – use this option if you have already paid your OXAC membership directly or via AV registration.

If you join via APSOC and then sign up for AV, we will provide a discount code to save you from paying the OXAC membership twice.

Confused? Not surprising really. Contact us.