At the 2022 AGM, the following were elected to the OXAC Committee:

President: Chris Worsnop
Vice-President: Aidan Jackson
Treasurer: Pierre Guillon
Secretary: Fleur Shaw-Jones
At-Large members:
Drew Cole
Margaret Fitzgerald
Bob Meek
Anthony de Castella
Pablo Campillos
Ben Haseler
David Martini

Contact information for the committee can be foundĀ here or email us at

Past Presidents

Past Presidents are also ex officio members of the committee. The current set of past presidents is:

Rene Dupuche, Peter Bruce, Hugh McKechnie, David Walker, Nick Bowden, Liam Bolger

Life Members

The (known) set of life members is:

John Cooke, Tom McClelland, Bill Hartung, Alan Ney, Rad Grace, Jack McDonald, Ken McPhail, Jack Monaghan, Bruce Rowan, Phil Ryan, Jack Tutton, Basil Thomson, David Walker

We are currently researching the set of life members of the club. Please reach out to us here if you have queries or information about life membership. Life members are also eligible to participate in committee meetings.