Georgia Powning Earns Australian T20 5K Record

Georgia smiling, having smashed the 5K at the Victorian 5000M Championships

OXAC’s Georgia Powning set a new Australian record (pending) at the recent Victorian 5000m Championships, held in Box Hill.  Liz Gosper,  Inclusive Sports Training’s Director and Head Coach,  tells the story: 

Anthony (de Castella) and I decided to give this event a go on the back of Georgia’s recent Global Games racing in October.  Even though I had given her a break from her usual training schedule we knew she was strong enough to attempt the Australia T20 5000m record. The time of 21:32:08 had been set in Brazil in 2007 at an International meet. At the Global Games, Georgia ran 3000m in 11:17:58 and 1500m in 5:11:30. With those times a few weeks back we were hopeful of a record. She kept well under her 1:43 pace needed and finished in a new Australian record (pending) 20:44:20. Georgia also holds the 5000m Under 20 record 22:43:88.