OXAC Runners Young and Old In Top Form

A female runner strides powerfully along a dirt path
Annabelle Colman

It was a busy weekend for OXAC runners, with competitors at both ends of the age spectrum making their way towards top competition. In round 10 of AVSL, Annabelle Colman continued her progression of PBs with a second-place finish and time of 4:49.3 in the 1500m, which gives her a B-qualifier for the Paralympics. Congratulations Annabelle!

Meanwhile, Bruce Davie and former OXAC runner Julian Marsh made their way to Bathurst to compete in the World Masters XC Championships. The race took place in very non-XC-appropriate weather on the same course that proved challenging for the world’s best runners in the World XC Championships the previous day. Julian flew in from San Francisco to battle the likes of Steve Moneghetti and Shaun Creighton, ending up an impressive 4th (and seconds behind Mona) in the 45-49 category. Not content with the disadvantage of being at the older end of the 55-59 age-group, Bruce cracked a couple of ribs 8 weeks out from the race but made the best comeback he could to end up 9th in his category. The masters were fortunate to have lower temperatures than the elite women but there was no escaping the rugged nature of the course with its mud, sand and hills.

Julian gave Mona a run for his money
Bruce Davie makes his way around the course. Photo credit: Mark Purvis